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Sigma Pi

What's in a name?

Many people hear Sigma Pi and think fraternity.  Sigma Pi is actually a formula for success. Sigma is the mathematical symbol for addition. Pi is the symbol for profit.

However, few people are motivated only by profit.  Business owners start businesses in areas that they love.  But as it grows, the business consumes them and they have no time for anything else.  Sigma Pi Consulting builds the business tools to free up the business owner to do the tasks that he is passionate about.  These tools give you back your life.  

So in the end,

Sigma Pi Consulting - Adding to your profit & your life.

How we do it?

Overhead inevitably increases as companies grow from their incubation stage.  Companies make capital investments.  Inefficiencies creep in.  Work falls in the cracks requiring effort to recover.  Adding new staff invokes training issues with reduced productivity and quality.  Coordination efforts add cost that wasn't there previously.

The problem is that so many companies don't adjust to the changes.  Thus revenue goes up but profits begin to trail off or even go down.

Many of the causes of profit shrinkage are systemic.  Therefore, a holistic solution is needed. Sigma Pi works at all levels in an organization addressing the company staff individually, understanding their processes, procedures, information needs, and impediments to quality. Through this analysis process, Sigma Pi identifies the root causes of problems and creates a solution that includes reengineered processes, accountability measurements, performance benchmarks. The solution is fully documented and tools created to enable the execution of the solution. Finally, all staff are trained in the new systems.

Sigma Pi utilizes Six Sigma principles to create its solutions.  Key to Six Sigma methodology is quantifying the cost of the problem and its solution so that actual savings can be identified. Of course, savings go straight to the bottom line - your profit.

Who do we serve?

A lot of consulting firms target big business.  They have the "big bucks" to spend on consultants. Fewer go after medium businesses.  Sigma Pi Consulting works primarily with small businesses who are "home grown".  Sigma Pi recognized that companies that were started from scratch and grown from hard work are the backbone of America.  These companies are virtually always run by a dynamic hardworking owner who is generally among the best at what he does.

Unfortunately, there is really no place for these companies to go to get good advice.

  • Universities teach "Entrepreneurship" from the viewpoint of raising venture capital. 
  • CPA's look at businesses with an eye toward efficiently creating the forms for the IRS. 
  • The SBA does what it can but they are limited in the help that they can provide. 

Sigma Pi Consulting brings their extensive small business experience to provide business owners with the tools to make them more effective. They spend less time managing their business and more time doing what they love - including time with their families.


Sigma Pi Consulting - Adding to your profit & your life.

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