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Sigma Pi consultants are actively involved in advancing the knowledge base of business.  Our people have contributed many hours to various educational, nonprofit, and trade organizations.  They have written a number of articles and created various presentations that we make available to the public free of charge.  You can download many of these documents here.

Eight Common Problems for Entrepreneurs

This white paper discusses eight problems that the author encountered at a large majority of his consulting clients in some form.  It shows the root cause for the problems and introduces the solutions to correct the problem. 


Delegation Done Right

This PowerPoint presentation shows the problems of poor delegation and what is required to resolve them.


Marketing for Entrepreneurs

This PowerPoint presentation was a lecture given at the Duquesne University Entrepreneurs Growth Conference in Pittsburgh.  It discusses how to market a startup company with little to no money.

There is a video that goes with this PowerPoint.  It is the very first Ronald McDonald commercial.  To make it work within the PowerPoint, place the video file on your Desktop and when you get to the Ronald McDonald slide, click in the black box to the right of the Ronald McDonald picture to play the video. 

Note: If the video starts to play instead of downloading, click the back arrow, right click the icon and click "Save Target As..."  Then save it on your Desktop.


Confessions of a Four Time Entrepreneur

This white paper documents lessons learned by the author in his first four entrepreneurial ventures - including the "crash and burn" where he learned most of his lessons.


Skill Set and Personality Traits of a Product Manager

This white paper was written in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Product Strategy Network.  It documents the traits that make a Product Manager unique and valuable.


Managing Time-to-Market and Quality Tradeoffs

This white paper was written in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Product Strategy Network.  It documents the tradeoffs that need to be made when bring a product to market in a timely fashion recognizing that no product can be complete in its first manifestation.



Sigma Pi Consulting began distributing an email newsletter called "Monthly Musings". 

You can view them here as well.

Volume 1-1 Are you a Quarterback or an Offensive Lineman?

Volume 1-2 My Three Cardinal Rules of Business

Volume 1-3 Engineering Profit into Your Business

Volume 1-4 Seven E's To Better Employee Performance

Volume 1-5 Incentive Plans That Increase Your Profit

Volume 1-6 Incentive Plan Case Study


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