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Too many consultants simply analyze the problem and prescribe a solution. They hand you a report and a bill. They don't understand that you don't have the time, people, and expertise to implement the solution.

Other companies come in with a "one-size-fits-all" solution saying "Our ERP system will solve all of your problems." They are ready to implement before they have performed the necessary analysis. Ready-Shoot-Aim!!!

Sigma Pi Consulting provides holistic solutions.

As in holistic medicine, where the doctor addresses all parts of the human - physical and emotional, Sigma Pi Consulting recognizes that most business challenges cross functional boundaries and involve people, process and technology.  We also recognize that treating the symptom frequently covers up the root cause.  Thus we dig deep to address the entire problem.

- Sigma Pi consultants begin by examining your company in depth to identify the root causes of your problems. While technology is frequently involved, the causes are most frequently based in people and processes. This is usually good news as they can be fixed without capital investment.

Design - Once the root causes are identified, Sigma Pi consultants develop a solution tailored to your company targeted to solve the root cause not the surface symptoms. A good solution accounts for where you are, where you want to go, what resources are available, and what impediments exist. Given these inputs, they design a solution that gets you where you want to go. While technology isn't usually the problem, Sigma Pi consultants are also very computer savvy. They recognize that while it is not an end, it is a means to an end. Cost effective application of technology enables you to reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

Implement - Unlike some consulting companies, Sigma Pi Consulting recognizes that most companies need help to implement the solutions. Most modern companies run very lean. They simply don't have the resources to reassign from their critical operational duties to implement a solution. But beyond that they usually don't have the internal expertise to properly implement the solution.

Document - Sigma Pi consultants fully document their work. If an employee leaves, he takes the expertise with him. Good documentation provides the roadmap for new employees to learn their job. Second, if there is a problem, good documentation enables you to determine if any steps were omitted or performed improperly.

Train - Solutions are always executed by people. Without proper training, your people cannot be expected to perform at their best. So Sigma Pi consultants create a customized training plan for each employee to perform their assigned tasks. Our consultants also implement "train the trainer" programs to ensure that the solution will be properly executed in the long term.

Roll Out - Once everything is in place, the solution is put into practice. For simple solutions, the new program is simply rolled out. Frequently, solutions are initiated through a pilot project where only a few people use the new system. This allows glitches to be identified and corrected before the solution is rolled out to the entire organization. In other places, the solution is executed in parallel with the old system until everyone is comfortable with the solution. The method chosen varies based on the circumstances of each company and solution.

Audit - The results of every solution is reviewed following implementation to ensure that the root cause problem has indeed been addressed. As in all good postmortems, the process by which the solution was created is also reviewed to seek institutional learning that can be applied to facilitate the process to address future problems.

Duration and Project Management

In a small business, the total effort generally varies from two weeks to two months based on the size and scope of the effort.  Projects are clearly defined with projected costs and profit impact delineated at the end of the analysis phase.  No additional work is initiated without the owner's approval. 

We provide a written status report on a weekly basis to ensure that the owner knows exactly where the project is at any time.  Milestone are clearly defined and reviewed with the owner as each is hit.

With Sigma Pi Consulting, there are no surprises.

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