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Sigma Pi Consulting believes that no company can bring a 100% solution to a complex problem.  Therefore we partner with companies who provide complementary products and services to create comprehensive solutions. 

A solution is only as good as its weakest component.  Therefore we only team with top performers in a win-win environment.  When we do that, the client is the biggest winner.

Sigma Pi Consulting proudly partners with the following companies.  Click on the logos to bring up their web sites.

 IntellaCore is the world’s foremost leader in assisting

 companies to become globally competitive.  

 The answer is not to "Go Global".  The answer is to "Be
 Globally Competitive". 

Ascent Systems solves your critical business needs by providing rapid and affordable business technology solutions. 

Since 1991, John Stanko has been involved as a teacher, consultant and coach in the purpose revolution that is sweeping the world. He has written books and developed resources to help people everywhere clarify their purpose and order their world.

Sigma Pi Consulting is also integrally involved in advancing causes that improve Pittsburgh and the local community.  Attached are some of the organizations that we work with.

Entrepreneurial Thursday Jazz, Soul & Blues Happy Hour Show

Entrepreneurial Thursday is the Pittsburgh region's most consistent, spontaneous and unique networking forum for the entrepreneurial and innovation communities.  It was created by Jessica Lee, a successful entrepreneur and musician, to promote live music in downtown Pittsburgh and to assist the entrepreneurial networking of the Pittsburgh region.

Priority Two is a non-profit organization that was established for the purpose of providing "Pro-Active" job search skills and support services for those individuals going through employment transition.

Pittsburgh Servant Leaders
Transforming the city of Pittsburgh by Building Godly Leaders

Pittsburgh Servant Leaders invites you to become part of a Transformational Leadership Journey.  The most exciting journeys always begin with a clear picture of the destination. Knowing where you are going and how wonderful it will be when you get there is the motivation for the hard but necessary work of preparation.


Sigma Pi Consulting - Adding to your profit & your life.

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